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Water Jet Eductor

Principle of Operation

Fig. 264, Fig. 266 and Fig. 265 Water Jet Eductors are designed for liquid pumping and mixing operations and for the handling of some solids. In operation, pressure liquid enters the eductor through the pressure nozzle and produces a high velocity jet. This jet action creates a vacuum in the line which causes the suction liquid to flow up into the body of the eductor where it is entrained by the pressure liquid. Both liquids are thoroughly mixed in the throat of the eductor and are discharged against back pressure. The streamlined body permits the pressure liquid to move straight through the eductor and reduces the possibility of solids in the suction material from collecting and clogging. 

Fig. 2645 Automatic Water Jet Eductors are used to pump out sumps (pits, tanks, etc.) where liquid accumulates slowly but must be evacuated when it reaches a predetermined level. Operation of the Fig. 2645 Automatic Water Jet Eductor requires no electrical connections or external power other than motive fluid.


Fig. 264, Fig. 266 and Fig. 265 Water Jet Eductors have a low initial cost, are self-priming, have no moving parts, are easy to install, require little or no maintenance, and pump as well as mix liquids.

The Fig. 2645 Automatic Water Jet Eductor is self-operated and requires no electrical connections. The snap-action valve and ball float are the only moving parts. Special Automatic Eductors can be made from any other jet eductors.


Used to empty tanks.
Pumping and mixing operations.
Introduce water treating compound into boiler feed water.
Producing emulsions.
Control water level in evaporation in chemical processing.
Control level in latex sump in chemical processing.
Control level of waste in photo and glass sumps in chemical processing.

Water Jet Ejector(s)
4-inch Fig. 266 Cast Iron Water Jet Eductor Cast iron body and tail, bronze nozzle and throat.
Motive Inlet: 2-1/2”, 150# flange
Suction and Discharge Connections: 4-inches 150# flanges
Unit will use 162 gpm fo 85 psig water to handle 340 ft3/hr of solids at a discharge pressure of 5 psig, and 270 ft3/hr of solids at a discharge pressure of 10 psig.

For more detailed information about Water Jet Eductors, Bulletin 2M & Bulletin 2M Supp. Literature.

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