Solids Handling Eductors

Solids Handling Eductors Overview

Solids Handling Eductors employ motive air or liquid under pressure through a nozzle in the eductor that produces a high velocity jet to entrain and transport dry solids or slurries.

The two types of Solids Handling Eductors are as follows:

Solids Handling Eductor Types

Pneumatic Conveying Eductors For Handling Dry Solids
(employ motive air from a compressed air source or a blower to entrain and transport solids)
Eductors Using Liquid in Handling Dry Solids
(use liquid under pressure which issues through a nozzle in the eductor and produces a high velocity jet to transport granular solids or slurries)

General Applications:

Solids handling eductors; Convey irregular shape product; Low motive air pressure requirements; Product can be conveyed up to 400 feet; Convey solid product including pellets powders and particulates; Eliminate shearing or problems in mechanical feed devices; Bag dump stations; Abrasive material handling; Rotary valve installations; Sensitive material handling; High temperature and varying size solids; Pneumatic conveying system; Abrasive material handling; Handling slurries or dry solids; Improve performance of existing rotary valve installations; Convey granular solids dropped from a storage hopper into a vibrating feeder; Entrainment of dry powder that is difficult to “wet”.

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