Exhausters & Compressors

Exhauster & Compressor Overview

Exhausters, Compressors and Jet Blowers are used in a multitude of applications and operate with a variety of motive fluid.

Exhauster & Compressor Types

Steam Jet Exhauster and Compressor
(air and gas pumps that operate on the jet principle, at moderately high vacuum, using live steam or compressed air as the motive force)
Steam Jet Vacuum Pump
(operate on the steam jet principle, utilizing the energy of steam to create vacuum and handle process gases - has lower efficiency than the Steam Jet Exhauster and Compressor)
Jet Compressor
(ejector that utilizes a jet of high-pressure gas as an operating medium to entrain a low-pressure gas, mix the two, and discharge at an intermediate pressure)
(recovering waste steam and combining it with higher pressure steam for re-use in the process)
Single Nozzle Water Jet Exhauster
(use pressurized water as the only motive force and are ideal for handling mixtures of condensable and non-condensable gases)
Multi-Nozzle Water Jet Exhauster
(used widely throughout industry to evacuate closed vessels, to prime centrifugal pumps, to pump air and gases, to handle mixtures of condensable and non-condensable gases, or to mix liquids and gases in continuous processing)
Jet Blower
(utilize the ejector-venturi principle to move large volumes of air and other gases against low back pressures - used for ventilating, exhausting, purging, and low vacuum applications)

General Applications:

Venturi exhauster; Vacuum pumping; Mixing liquids and gases; Using pressurized water as the only motive force; Handling mixtures of condensable and non condensable gases; Pump priming; Evacuating closed vessels; Exhausting; Agitating fermentation tanks; Drying drums; Priming centrifugal pumps; Lifting tar, pumping gases; Exhausting air from vacuum pans and evaporators; Exhausting tire molds; Removing soot from boilers; Forcing air into vats; Handling corrosive gases; Circulating steam in driers; General vaccum service; Mixing steam and air to alum digester in chemical processing; Exhausting, evacuating, and general vacuum service; Used in tire vulcanizers in tire and rubber industry; Handle liquefied petroleum gases and air for gas, electric, and chemical industries; Coal gasification; Used to boost the pressure of flash steam from a condensate receiver; Yankee Dryers; Dryer Banks; Priming a centrifugal pump; Vacuum pumping; Air and brine removal for distillation; Proprietary chemical processing; In continuous process as mixers; Evacuating a closed vessel; Water vapor removal to maintain vacuum; Evacuation and pump priming; Distillation and mixing of chemicals; Used for venting dry cargo spaces on tankers; Drawing off obnoxious vapors from heavy oil agitator and discharging them into a plant furnace where they are burnt off; Used for heat and combustion products ventilation; Removing asphalt fumes from storage units; Exhausting bulk storage holds aboard ships; Removing fumes and vapors; Ventilate grain silo

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