Venturi Chamber Scrubber System

Principle of Operation

Fig. 7030 Venturi Chamber Scrubber System will handle condensable or absorbable gases and gases with solids which can be cleaned by the Fig. 7010 Ejector Venturi Gas Scrubber. The Fig. 7030 Venturi Chamber Scrubber System is particularly suitable for large total capacities and horizontal installation. Overall draft is approximately zero. The Fig. 7030 Venturi Chamber Scrubber System consists of Fig. 622 Spray Nozzles, throat pieces, piping, and a scrubber box.

Gases are scrubbed by the action of the liquid spray which creates sufficient suction to entrain the gas and enter the throat piece where the gas and spray are mixed and the gas thoroughly scrubbed. With this system, gases cannot bypass the spray. Instead, due to the suction created by the spray, the passage of gas through the scrubbers is accelerated. High efficiency is obtained by using this type of unit due to the high impact of the spray particles, the large surface area of spray and the fact that all of the gas must pass uniformly through the spray.


The Fig. 7030 Venturi Chamber Scrubber System is flexible - can be arranged in two, three, or four banks depending upon the characteristics of the gas and the scrubbing efficiency required. The number of nozzles and throat pieces in any given bank is determined by the volume of gas to be handled.


High gas volume with particulate applications in chemical industry.

For more detailed information about Venturi Chamber Scrubber System, Bulletin 7S and Bulletin 7S Supp. Literature.

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