Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheater

Principle of Operation

Fig. 6905 Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheater units employ one or more special spray nozzles to atomize the water droplets and produce the heat transfer contact area necessary for cooling the steam and evaporating the droplets. Initial applications were for periodic usage on emergency dump-to-condenser systems in power stations where precise desuperheating was not necessary and excess water flows were common. Fig. 6905 Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheater units are also used on controlled over-pressure dump and bypass systems.


The Fig. 6905 Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheater is designed for economically desuperheating high steam flows in large steam lines such as 20", 24", 30", 36" and larger.  Requires a minimum of a 25 foot length of pipe to temperature sensing element


Turbine bypass steam temperature contol.

For more detailed information about Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheaters, Bulletin 6D & Bulletin 6D Supp. Literature.

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