Surface Absorption Desuperheater

Principle of Operation

The Fig. 6910 Surface Absorption Desuperheater desuperheats steam by forcing it to come in contact with wetted metal reaction rings and generally used where space limitations are a factor and requirements of minimum water carryover exist. These desuperheaters can be used where steam flow varies with consequent changes in water flow being required for close control. Normally used in marine, food processing and drying industries.

The Fig. 6910 Surface Absorption Desuperheater can achieve very high pressure drop. Units can be used with controls and flow can vary almost infinitely with no downstream piping requirements.


The Fig. 6910 Surface Absorption Desuperheater can produce saturated steam or a percentage thereof. Turndown is almost infinite and does not require a thermal sleeve. Requires a maximum of a 5 foot length of pipe to temperature sensing element which makes it ideal where space limitations are a factor.


Shipboard service.
Industrial heating system.
Food processing.

For more detailed information about Surface Absorption Desuperheaters, Bulletin 6D & Bulletin 6D Supp. Literature.

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